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Niels Landwehr, Mark Hall, Eibe Frank (2005). Logistic Model Trees. Machine Learning. 95(1-2):161-205. Marc Sumner, Eibe Frank, Mark Hall: Speeding up Logistic Model Tree Induction. In: 9th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, 675-683, 2005.


-do-not-check-capabilitiesIf set, classifier capabilities are not checked before classifier is built (use with caution).
-doNotMakeSplitPointActualValueDo not make split point actual value.
AThe AIC is used to choose the best iteration.
BBinary splits (convert nominal attributes to binary ones)
CUse cross-validation for boosting at all nodes (i.e., disable heuristic)
ISet fixed number of iterations for LogitBoost (instead of using cross-validation)default: -1
MSet minimum number of instances at which a node can be split (default 15)default: 15
PUse error on probabilities instead of misclassification error for stopping criterion of LogitBoost.
RSplit on residuals instead of class values
WSet beta for weight trimming for LogitBoost. Set to 0 (default) for no weight trimming.default: 0.0
batch-sizeThe desired batch size for batch prediction (default 100).
num-decimal-placesThe number of decimal places for the output of numbers in the model (default 2).
output-debug-infoIf set, classifier is run in debug mode and may output additional info to the console


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