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Active Classification


annotation_costs List A list specifying the annotation cost per instance. Experimental. Can break the database for large datasets. optional
batch_size int The number of instances that need to be selected per batch. optional
cost_matrix CostMatrix A matrix describing the cost of miss-classifications per type. optional
estimation_procedure Estimation Procedure The estimation procedure used to validate the generated models required
evaluation_measures String The evaluation measures to optimize for, e.g., cpu time, accuracy optional
source_data Dataset The input data for this task required
target_feature String The name of the dataset feature to be used as the target feature. required


evaluations KeyValue A list of user-defined evaluations of the task as key-value pairs. optional
model File A file containing the model built on all the input data. optional
predictions Predictions The desired output format optional
utility_scores Utility Scores The utility scores optional


Author(s)various contributors