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Supervised Regression

Given a dataset with a numeric target and a set of train/test splits, e.g. generated by a cross-validation procedure, train a model and return the predictions of that model.


estimation_procedure Estimation Procedure The estimation procedure used to validate the generated models required
evaluation_measures String The evaluation measures to optimize for, e.g., cpu time, predictive_accuracy optional
source_data Dataset The input data for this task required
target_feature String The name of the dataset feature to be used as the target feature. required


evaluations KeyValue A list of user-defined evaluations of the task as key-value pairs. optional
model File A file containing the model built on all the input data. optional
predictions Predictions The desired output format optional


Author(s)Joaquin Vanschoren, Jan van Rijn, Luis Torgo, Bernd Bischl
Contributor(s)Bo Gao, Simon Fischer, Venkatesh Umaashankar, Michael Berthold, Bernd Wiswedel ,Patrick Winter