Open Machine Learning, Open licences

We believe that machine learning should be as open and accessible as possible, and the OpenML team and the active community of contributors have invested countless hours of time and resources in OpenML to make this dream come true.

You are free to use OpenML and all empirical data and metadata under the CC-BY licence, requesting appropriate credit if you do.

The code of the OpenML platform and libraries is BSD licenced. Please check the corresponding GitHub repo's.

Citing OpenML

If you have used OpenML in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations to the following paper:

Joaquin Vanschoren, Jan N. van Rijn, Bernd Bischl, and Luis Torgo. OpenML: networked science in machine learning. SIGKDD Explorations 15(2), pp 49-60, 2013.
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If you have used the OpenML R package, please also cite the following paper:

Giuseppe Casalicchio, Jakob Bossek, Michel Lang, Dominik Kirchhoff, Pascal Kerschke, Benjamin Hofner, Heidi Seibold, Joaquin Vanschoren, Bernd Bischl. OpenML: An R package to connect to the machine learning platform OpenML. Computational Statistics 32 (3), pp 1-15, 2017
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Thank You!

Citing Data sets and Code

Sharing data and code is crucial for reproducibility and scientific progress, and should be rewarded. If you are reusing any of the shared data sets, flows or runs/studies, please honor their respective licences and citation requests. OpenML cleary shows these requests when they apply.

Other acknowledgements

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